“I'm new to contracting and umbrella companies. Where do I start?”
At C&P we can draw on many years experience helping those setting out as contractors. We can advise on whether an umbrella is the right solution for you, help with the set up and walk you through how it works. Whether you are a first time contractor or an established consultant, we can give you as much assistance as you require.
“How can I get a quote or an illustration from C&P?”
Please contact us and we will give you a personal illustration based on all your individual details.
“Will I receive a pay slip?”
Yes, you will receive a full pay remittance slip.
“Are there any joining or setup fees?”
No, we do not charge for joining or leaving our umbrella solution.
“What else should I be careful of when choosing an umbrella company?”
It is important that you can be confident the umbrella company's solution is compliant; adhering to the guidelines set out by HMRC It is also important that you also understand what charges may be made to provide the service or to terminate your relationship with that umbrella company.
“Do you operate a referral policy?”
Yes. You will get a month's free from charge service for every new contractor you refer that uses our service.